Ontario Engineering Competition University of Waterloo 2005
University of Waterloo 2005

The organization committee of OEC 2005 is composed of motivated and energetic students who are determined to make the event a success. However, we need your help to ensure this goal. Please join us at OEC 2005 at the University of Waterloo

The organization of OEC 2005 is a collaborative effort between two groups of students who are on campus at different times of the year.

A-stream students are on campus from January to April 2004 and from September to December 2004.
B-stream students are on campus from May to August 2004 and from January to April 2005.

If you have any general inquiries, please contact oec2005@engmail.uwaterloo.ca

Current Stream: A A Stream B Stream
Co-Chairs: Laura Mooney Sharon Attwood
VP Finance: Angela Maclean David Johnson
VP Sponsorship: William Lam Chris Blake
Michelle Hur
VP Competitions: Jay Turcot Kristen Yee Loong
VP Logistics: Haoie Xin Gary Yau
VP Communications: Brandon Malleck Emilie Lam
VP Hospitality: Amy Gill